Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why therapy/counselling?

A: People seek therapy/counselling for any number of reasons. Some have suffered a traumatic event in life, or seek to move forward in a new direction, or need clarity in purpose. There is no reason too small, if it is something you wish to explore, then it is worth exploring!

Q: Why a Registered Psychologist?

A: Registered Psychologists in Alberta are regulated by the College of Alberta Psychologists. They ensure that a registered psychologist has fulfilled the appropriate educational standards, completed supervised practicums, and passed the mandatory entrance examinations. Not all individuals who advertise as therapists, psychotherapists, or counsellors have fully satisfied these requirements. We encourage you to check the College of Psychologists website to see if someone is fully registered.

Q: College of Alberta Psychologists?

A: This regulatory body can be located at The College of Alberta Psychologists functions to protect the public, as well as the profession itself. For example, on their website, you may check to see if someone is indeed a registered psychologist in good standing. You may access the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice to better understand how psychologists should ethically practice.

Q: What kind of therapeutic intervention do I need?

A: There are many well-known types of intervention strategies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Rational Emotive Therapy etc… It’s our expertise to recognize the type of intervention techniques best suited for your particular situation. It’s like making a tasty pot of soup and knowing which ingredient to add, when to add it, and for how long to boil. Let’s work collaboratively and find the right ingredients.

Q: How long are therapy sessions as well as intervention plans?

A: Sessions are 50 minutes each. We at Dynamic Psychology want to understand you as best as we can when we first meet you. Therefore we offer a free extension of the first session. The length of an overall intervention plan will depend on the issue(s), and your willingness to be challenged.

Social Media Policy

Dynamic Psychology Inc. and its psychologists may and/or will embrace the use of social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). The psychologists and administrators will at all times promote healthy boundaries between clients and psychologists. This will be done as best as possible respecting the ethical standards which guide our practice, and our professional therapeutic relationship. It is impossible to outline the myriad of possible examples in any document.

However the following are a few examples. A practical implication in this new world of connectedness means we will not knowingly accept “friending” of clients, or past clients. In the event of an error in accepting a connection, our ethical conviction implies we “unfriend” this person. Every effort will be made to indicate this does not imply any rejection of that person.

It is possible some people may misrepresent themselves online (e.g.: a client establishes contact with a psychologist under a pseudonym). Should this come to our attention, we at Dynamic Psychology will seek to discuss the matter with the client, and re-establish proper boundaries.

A client may choose to follow a blog by one of our psychologists. Although we cannot prevent anyone from reading a blog and garnering the information provided, we discourage discussion of same during a therapy session.

The above synopsis is a brief introduction to inform our clients and potential clients of the implications of seemingly innocent actions using social media. Our intention is to maintain a professional therapeutic relationship, respect our clients privacy, and practice ethically. Your progress and empowerment is our greatest priority!

Payment :

All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) are accepted using Square ( payment methods. We also accept cash, Interac E-transfers, or cheques. If cheques are NSF, there will be an extra $40 charge, and other payment arrangements will have to be made. Payments are easily accepted at our office. Our rates are the standard recommended rates of $180/hour. We do offer a limited number of spots for services on a sliding scale.

Cancellation Policy :

We appreciate there are unforeseen life circumstances. If you must cancel your appointment, we ask you cancel at least 24 hours prior by calling / texting: 780-760-PSYC (7792) at no charge. If you notify us less than 24 hours we will make every effort to fill your appointment. However, if we cannot, you will be charged for your appointment. Even psychologists don’t like talking to empty chairs.

Benefit Plans :

Many benefit plans have some type of coverage for psychotherapy. We do not provide direct billing at this time. Please check with your benefit provider for information regarding coverage (eg: accident victims generally need sessions to be pre-approved OR you may need a physician’s note/prescription).

Referrals :

Your well-being is our utmost concern. If we are not the right fit for you, we will make an appropriate referral and find the assistance you seek. Regardless, give us a call and we will try to point you in the right direction. We are here to help.